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Meet the Practitioner

Lillian Morgan
made a mid-life career change, from law to acupuncture. “After 20+ years, I was tired of arguing,” she says, “and wanted to focus my efforts on healing.” She had experienced acupuncture treatment for back pain 15 years ago. “After 4 treatments my back pain was gone, and I felt so centered, grounded, whole and healthy after each treatment, it was amazing. I was intrigued.”

Lil holds a masters degree in acupuncture from the Traditional Acupuncture Institute in Laurel Maryland, where she has served on the academic and clinical faculty. “I've taught ethics and traditional diagnosis, and supervised students who are treating patients in the acupuncture school’s clinic.”

Lil Morgan loves to talk about the wonders of acupuncture. If your group would like a presentation, call her at (717) 887-4478.