My Experience As an Acupuncture Patient

In the past, I had occasional treatment sessions with good results, but it wasn’t until I progressed in a regular course of therapy that I started to experience fuller benefits from treatment.

After a treatment session, not only do I have an improvement in the physical symptoms that lead me to acupuncture, but my mind is different as well. This difference is apparent to my family, friends and co-workers. Instead of frantic, almost panicky thoughts (“I’m too busy, I’m burning out, I’ll never get done, life is too hectic, too much pressure”), I go about my business with focused attention (“Let’s see: I’ll do this now, and enjoy doing it, then I’ll get around to the next task”). One of my colleagues sometimes comments that he can see I’ve had my chi re-aligned.

People often ask me if it hurts. Yes, there are moments of discomfort, which are tolerable, and variable. Sometimes I experience tingling or a rushing sensation in other parts of my body. Far more pronounced are the benefits of treatment, including a sense of relaxation and calm.

Although I’m educated as a scientist, I have given up trying to figure out how acupuncture works. It might be related to endorphine stimulation, or self-hypnosis; maybe my inner dragons are called up to fight for my well-being: who knows? I believe acupuncture is a valid modality on its own, or in conjunction with Western medical practices.

Rita Van Wyk, M.D.